roadheaders for tunnel

roadheaders for tunnel

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Roadheaders were and continuously are being made more versatile. In many projects roadheaders are the hardest working and challenged machinery and naturally need support and parts. A key consideration in roadheader tunneling is the availability of spares.

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To ensure the roadheaders excavate the designed tunnel profile and that bolters position their tunnel support correctly, accurate and reliable navigation systems have been required. This is where the VMT expertise came in.

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Also a roadheader allows a much more precise tunnel profile. Roadheaders provide precision within 5 cm, whereas drill-and-blast is on the order of 30 to 35 cm. The more precise the profile is, the more savings are achieved because less shotcrete is required to fill the voids.

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Tunnel Engineering Services (UK) Ltd Roadheader Tunnel Boring Machine is a shield type machine which has been designed specifically to deal with harder ground conditions. Roadheaders are an economical alternative to ‘drill and fire’ techniques, for excavation of soft rocks and when shield mounted, are adaptable to a wide range of spoils.

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Tunnel excavation using roadheaders is widespread and popular due to the high precision and relative cost effectiveness of mobilising the equipment and especially when dealing with soft to medium strength rock, as the equipment is able to excavate without weakening the surrounding structure.

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Tunnelling with roadheaders NorthConnex is a nine kilometre tunnel that will link the M1 Pacific ... When compared to tunnelling with tunnel boring machines (TBM), roadheaders have a clear advantage for the NorthConnex project as TBMs can only bore a round hole.

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Antraquip roadheaders are typically used for tunneling (road, railroad, water, sewer) or in the mining industry. For the excavation of shafts, Antraquip suggests its roadheader based shaft sinking equipment provided the UCS of the material to be excavated does not exceed 8,000 psi.

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Roadheaders in Tunneling - Tunnel Business Magazine. For tunneling and underground mining applications, traditional roadheaders do provide higher production rates with more powerful electrically driven cutter transmissions than their hydraulic counterparts, can work successfully in smaller tunnels with space limitations, load and convey the cut material from the front of the machine to the ...

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KAMY series of Roadheaders offers the best cutting performance in a wide range of rock formations. Equipped with geometrically optimized transverse or longitudinal cutter heads, these flexible machines can be used to excavate subway tunnels, road tunnels, railway tunnels and water tunnels without using explosives.