types of onshore drilling rigs

types of onshore drilling rigs


TYPES OF DRILLING RIGS RT-1 IADC Drilling Manual Introduction This chapter will explain the various types of drilling rigs used today. It will try to touch on the unique features of each rig type and their relative advantages and drawbacks. This chapter is not meant to be an exhaustive narrative on each

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There are many different types of drilling rigs. Which rig selected depends on the specific requirments of each drill site. Rigs are generally categorized as onshore ...

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Oil drilling rigs can be either offshore for drilling into the ocean floor or land-based. Although both locations bring large amounts of oil to the ... An oil drilling rig is a structure that houses equipment such as the derrick, ...

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ONSHORE RIGS Field-proven onshore drilling technology ... Combined with various types of masts and substructures we offer a large onshore rig portfolio, adaptable for different applications. This enables efficient drilling operations in both remote regions and highly built-up areas, for either quick, standardized wells with frequent rig moves ...

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There is a further category of drilling rig, which is one used on an offshore production platform to drill production wells. The other types of drilling rig mentioned have dual use as exploration well drilling and/or production well drilling - Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODUS) for offshore, and dismantleable rigs for land use.

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The main objective of this chapter is to introduce the types of rigs both onshore and offshore to the trainees. It will also let them know the components of the rig and the layout as well as basic areas of the offshore rigs. 1.1 Fundamentals A drilling rig is a device used …

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Rig Types. The largest, most diverse fleet has the ideal rigs to serve your project. The Right Fleet. ... Max Drilling Depth: Ranges from 30,000-40,000 ft; 28 have dual activity capability; 30 have dynamic positioning stationkeeping; Harsh environment.

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Types of Oil Drilling Rigs . Getting down to the basics, there are several types of offshore oil rigs designed to work in a variety of locations, on certain kinds of wells, and differing environments:

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